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Groundhog and Eagle

HUAWEI Mate 20

KV_HUAWEI Mate 20 - Count Calories with

HUAWEI Mate 20

- Groundhog and Eagle

HUAWEI Mate 20 launched its’ new flagship smartphone introducing built-in HiVision feature powered by AI that can detect calories in food.

The target users’ needs are brought to life in the charming groundhog story. Based on the trend of a fitness-focused lifestyle, the groundhog represents the overweight, while the eagle represents fitness enthusiast. Taking advantage of the phone’s calorie counter feature, the groundhog survived by scanning itself with the camera, and scaring off the hungry eagle with its’ high calorie count. The ad uses a groundhog as a euphemism for the overweight and plays on the importance of monitoring calorie intake.

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