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KFC Delivery

Kiri Your Personal

AI Barista

KFC Delivery, brings humanized voice chatbot named Kiri to create an artificial intelligence ordering system, makes online ordering more fun.

KFC Delivery Distinguishes its Coffee Business with Creative use of Digital

China’s coffee market is fast-growing in various types, such as Internet coffee, boutique coffee, and convenient store coffee. Major chain coffee brands have also been upgrading or transforming at their operational levels.

KFC Delivery distinguishes its coffee business from other brands by combining with popular trends among young people, so as to grab a share in the highly competitive market and attract younger generation to try K coffee. Meanwhile, KFC aims to further enhance its technology and intelligence brand image.


Kiri adds More Human Elements and Fun to Online Ordering on Wechat Mini Program

Based on Social APP WeChat Mini Program, the AI voice ordering system named Kiri is a chatbot programmed with the application of UNIT NLP(Natural Language Processing) technology and big data in order to engage with consumers. It recognizes user’s input and answers accordingly. Integrated with Knowledge Graphs, the chatbot is also endowed with human personality who has a fine sense of humor while chatting and interacting with customers.

 First, users can start the conversation with Kiri by selecting it from the menu on KFC’s WeChat Official Account.

Second, users will get a customized image-text welcome based on the day and time Kiri is activated.

Third, click the menu to see details about the products provided by Kiri.

Lastly, while Choosing sizes and flavors, users are also receiving messages from Kiri such as pretty images or funny texts, which adds more human elements and fun to online ordering.

After the campaign launched, KFC Delivery social account has increased its fans by 10% every week. Fans’ activity and interaction has been enhanced 46%.


Kiri Ordering Process


Kiri Your Personal AI Barista - Case Study

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