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Pizza Hut Delivery


Christmas Wish List

Pizza Hut let young people live the brand and

speak for the brand.


Freestyling Christmas Wish List MV - Co-created by Brand and Consumers

To Create Exclusive Branded Content Together with Young People

Making wishes has never been forgotten at Christmas, which is bestowed with people’s best longings for the new year. For the main young target consumers and their enthusiasm for western culture and gourmet food, Pizza Hut Delivery, combined its delivery business with popular IP “rap”, to create exclusive branded content together with young people. Speak aloud and relay your Christmas wishes.

The Song played almost 15 million times and sits on the Top 10 Hits for weeks

We collected consumers’ wishes every week, and composed them into a rap song “Christmas Wish List” sung by famous Chinese rapper. The wishes were also cast onto the Aurora Building - the most eye-catching screen in Shanghai, and even adapted as the longest freestyle song in history.

Through the mobile, consumers could also grab the rapper’s microphone, and record their own rap with the rhythm. The song produced by consumers and sung by rap star was aired on Chinese largest popular music platform Kugou. Consumers’ wishes were delivered to the world!

The song “Christmas Wish List” played almost 15 million times and sits on the Top 10 Hits for weeks.

Social media impressions: 5.848 million

Social media interactions: 3.197 million

Media impressions in total: 1.02 billion

Consumers could  grab the rapper's microphone through mobile phone


Freestyling Christmas Wish List - Music Video

Freestyling Christmas Wish List - Case Study

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